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Originally Spencer Junior School, Bernards Heath Junior School is built on land that was donated by the Spencer Family, 'to be used specifically for the purpose of education'. Metal construction techniques are prominent in the school design as bricklayers were in short supply after the war. The school would have had another role post-war as a hospital in the event of a third world war.

Extract from the school log of January 9th 1950 - Opening Day

Spencer County Primary (Junior Mixed) opened this morning, the school is situated on a site of almost 5 acres in Watson Avenue. The Building contains nine classrooms with adjoining cloakroom and lavatory accommodation, an assembly hall, dining room, kitchens and a staff block, including the headmaster's and secretary's offices, staffroom and stockroom. There are two hard play spaces, and a playing field. The land on the south side of the school is to be a school garden. At present only the classroom wing of the school is in use. The assembly hall, dining hall, kitchen and staff block are still in the contractor's hands.

The school replaces the Junior Department of Bernards Heath School and all the nine classes transferred from Bernards Heath occupied their new classes this morning. Numbers on roll on opening the school were 348. There were 11 new admissions during the course of the morning.

The school teaching staff and kitchen staff of c1950

Teaching Staff Kitchen Staff

An aerial shot taken of the school in the 1960's (the school pool, now filled in, can be seen on the right near the entrance)

Aerial Shot

The corridor just before decoration in 1949

Corridor 1949

In the above picture the cloakroom areas have now gone to make way for small group teaching areas outside the North facing rooms

The punishment book extract from the 1950's makes for some interesting reading...

Punishment book

Spencer becomes Bernards Heath Junior

The school changed its name to Bernards Heath Junior School in January of 2005 to reaffirm the original link to Bernards Heath School, now known as Bernards Heath Infant School. The school maintains its strong musical and dramatic traditions helped by the fact that we possess a fully working stage.

School Christmas Production c1960

Christmas Play c1960

The school has a rolling programme for year group productions. The Christmas Production is staged by Year 5, Spring Term - Year 4, Summer Term- Year 6 with Year 3 performing a special assembly in the Spring Term.

In recent years the children have staged Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Wind in the Willows, Hansel and Gretel, Peter Pan, Macbeth, Bugsy and many more... The school also hosts a Traditional Carol Concert every year at St Saviours Church where the school is always welcomed by Father Peter Wadsworth and an annual Summer Concert where the whole school participates.

Our commitment to ICT

Since these pictures were taken in the early 1980's ICT has changed dramatically in the School's Curriculum and continues to do so. ICT is a forever changing and evolving subject. At Bernards Heath Junior School we are committed in providing the best resources and most up-to-date curriculum that we can (within budget!).

ICT 1980 ICT 1980

The school currently has a brand new suite with 31 PCs that work alongside a trolley of 30 Laptops. Each child has their own user name and can logon to any machine to retrieve their work. Staff save work electronically on the new server which allows for file sharing and time saving, we are committed in developing this system further so as to reduce workload on the teaching staff and to save in paper resources.

As the school expands our ICT capability will also expand.


The future at Bernards Heath Junior School

As Bernards Heath Junior School saw its 60th year, the school underwent a major expansion project that saw the school increase from two forms of entry (60 children per year group) to three forms of entry (90 children per year group).

Our new Spencer Building was opened by the Right Honourable Earl Spencer in November of 2011 and is now occupied by our three Year 6 classes.






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