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Academic Dates 2016-2017*

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
INSET 01.09.16 Term Starts 05.01.17 Term Starts 18.04.17
INSET 02.09.16 Half Term 13.02.17 to 17.02.17 Bank Holiday 01.05.17
Term Starts 05.09.16 INSET 20.02.17 INSET 26.05.17
Half Term 24.10.15 to 28.10.16 Term Ends 31.03.17 (1.30pm) Half Term 29.05.17 to 02.06.17
INSET 31.10.16   Term Ends 21.07.17
Term Ends 21.12.16 (1.30pm)   Occasional Day (No School) 24.07.17
*NB: Easter 2017
Easter 2017 falls awkwardly in the school year and St Albans' Secondary Schools have informed all primary schools they will be changing their term dates from those recommended by Hertfordshire County Council (HCC). As Academies they have the freedom to set their own holiday dates. However, most Primary Schools in St Albans are not Academies and therefore will have to follow the dates set by HCC. Therefore, OUR EASTER 2017 HOLIDAY WILL NOT COINCIDE WITH LOCAL SECONDARY SCHOOLS.

Academic Dates 2017-2018

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
INSET 04.09.17 INSET 03.01.18 INSET 16.04.18
INSET 05.09.17 Term Starts 04.01.18 Term Starts 17.04.18
Term Starts 06.09.17 Half Term 12.02.18 to 16.02.18 BANK HOLIDAY 07.05.18
Half Term 23.10.17 to 27.10.17 Term Ends 29.03.18 (1:30pm) INSET 25.05.18
Term Ends 19.12.17 (1:30pm)   Half Term 28.05.18 to 01.06.18
    Term Ends 24.07.18 (1.30pm)







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