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Key Issues Addressed Since OFSTED Inspection 2009

Key Issues from OFSTED Inspection 2009

Improve pupils access to computers in lessons so that their use becomes an integral part of learning in all areas of the curriculum

  • ICT was a Whole School main priority 2011/12. Agreed with Governors June 2011
  • Since OFSTED Dec 09, school has spent £86,000 on ICT to enhance provision and pupil access to computers. This includes: Interactive Whiteboards, new server, new ICT suite(30pcs), new Laptop Trolley, (30), new WiFi system. Children no longer have to share computers. Classrooms can be instantly turned into ICT suites with the laptop trolley (used by all classes).Funding for computers has been enhanced by PTA focus on fundraising specifically for the new suite
  • A further 60 tablet computers were purchased in 2014 along with upgrades to the school wifi system
  • To further enhance pupil access to ICT, school has increased IT technician support substantially, allowing less teacher time on managing the computers, and more teacher time managing the learning
  • CPD for all staff on ICT on a regular basis. ICT Subject leader has modelled lessons with his class for teachers. Staff INSET on operating the suite and the software to run it. Curriculum Leadership Teams (CLTs) have looked at the new ICT curriculum, purchased from Herts LA. ICT Adviser has worked with Subject Leader to introduce new curriculum. All teachers working with new curriculum with support where necessary from Subject Leader. ICT Adviser has done a whole staff INSET on e-safety. At present:   whole school e-safety awareness week, presentations to children and evening presentation to governors and staff. Subject Leader has modelled the new facilities to Governors
  • ICT is always a focus in all lesson observations. Lesson Observations Feb 2016 (all foundation subjects) showed excellent , relevant use of ICT to enrich and enhance the learning
  • Assessment in ICT is integral within the new ICT curriculum, this is recorded by teachers in the school’s subject assessment records
  • E-safety is integral in the new ICT curriculum, awareness has been raised through e-safety training by an LA advisor for staff, governors, children and parents during 2011/2012 and 2015/2016

Put in place a more structured approach to monitoring and evaluating the impact of initiatives to promote community cohesion

  • A regular curriculum review is undertaken in the Curriculum Leadership Teams with Governors to monitor the impact of the various aspects of community cohesion within the curriculum
  • The library stock is monitored to ensure that our books reflect the languages and culture of our diverse community
  • Fund Raising initiatives for local, national and international charities (local homeless ‘Open Door’; national (NSPCC, RSPCA, Lifeboat Association, Great Ormond St); International (Kenya)
  • The RE Curriculum is a strength of the school encouraging a respect and understanding of the diversity and values represented in our schools
  • The school embraces our Bangla community by ensuring that these parents, who were previously reluctant to participate in the school community, are now comfortable to come into school and allow their children to participate fully in all aspects of school life e.g. school plays, concerts, Bangla classes (provided by a TA)